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Join us in our commitment to prioritize health, safety, and environmental protection!

Serving excellence, we are an ideal solution for your safe waste disposal needs. With an innovative and efficient solution, we make waste cleanup accessible and affordable for every industry!

By combining ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES with our SUSTAINABLE WASTE REMEDIATION STRATEGIES, PackPlus aims to provide outstanding services!

Who benefits from our services?

At PackPlus, we are dedicated to addressing the unique needs of various industries, ensuring reliable and outstanding services.

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Healthcare and Research Centres : Disposal of waste materials contaminated by infectious agents like viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

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Manufacturing and Construction Businesses: We have efficient hazardous waste disposal strategies for contaminants like harmful materials (asbestos, lead), chemicals, solvents, and by-products.


Agriculture Sector : Treatments for waste materials with agricultural pollutants, including chemical fertilizers & pesticides or animal by-products.

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Mining and Extraction Sites : Practical solutions for mining and extraction sites producing waste containing hazardous materials like heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

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Food Processing Units : Food processing units require strategies to deal with waste output containing contaminants like organic waste and by-products.

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Pharmaceutical Industries : Our experts provide a solution to surplus produced in pharmaceutical industries with harmful physical, biological, and chemical contaminants.

Why Are We Experts in Our Domain?

At PackPlus, we are committed to providing an AFFORDABLE AND SUSTAINABLE solution for waste remediation.

Understanding the potentially harmful effects of contaminated waste materials on humans, biodiversity, and the environment, we aim for an eco-sustainable approach.

Our waste handling and treatment are effective for various waste types, proving our excellence. And, by strictly adhering to safety and health regulations, we guarantee efficiency!

Risks Associated With Inefficient Waste Treatment Plans

Here’s an interesting and alarming fact: About 99% of items we purchase are destined to become waste in the coming six months.

It's shocking, right? We dump 2.12 billion tons of waste into the earth annually. Most generated waste poses no harm if treated using the right strategies. However, waste contaminated by harmful pollutants, be they chemical, physical, or biological, must be treated carefully.

An ineffective contaminated waste removal approach can have adverse effects. Let us take a look at these:

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Health and Safety Concerns

Exposure to unsafe pollutants poses a risk of health hazards to the human population. In addition, infectious agents can make humans more prone to catching diseases and infections. On the other hand, chemical impurities threaten to negatively affect the human body's physiological functions.

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Environmental Impact

Harmful contaminants can leach into the surface or groundwater, affecting the quality of habitats. Not just habitats but many contaminants often enter the food chain, leading to accumulation in different organisms. Waste materials containing radioactive impurities have been proven to cause genetic alterations.

PackPlus: We Handle All Your Waste Disposal Needs

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